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Touring Cars

Touring cars are high performance four wheel drive racing cars based on various real life saloon racing cars seen on tracks around the world. They offer the driver a great deal of scope to fine tune their cars for optimum performance to suite each driving style and are very fast.

With the brushless revolution we have seen the touring car class evolve into many classes defined by the motor that is allowed within the class. Given the time restraints on Wednesday evenings we only allow 13.5 Brushless motors (boosted or blinky) so that all touring cars can race together in one championship. Sunday meetings see a more relaxed time schedule allowing us to run 13.5, 17.5 or even modified motors as long as there is enough support for the class to have a heat of its own (min 4 drivers per motor class).

Apart from the motor classes the only other rule we have for touring cars is related to tyres. Trying to level the playing field and keep costs down we have a control tyre system in place. During the winter season we allow any prebuilt/preglued tyre set with a rating 28 or above, during the summer season we allow any prebuilt/preglued tyre set with a rating 32 or above, the tyres need to be commercially available in the UK.

Prices for these cars range from around £175 for a good basic car to £450 for a top of the range chassis (these prices do not include radio gear or battery)

Touring Cars at Eastbourne